Jobs at Orfgen Marketing

We are always looking for talented, dedicated and passionate people!

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What else is here to say

We are orfgen

The marketing agency. A team of 40 employees. Founded by the founder. Further developed with the new generation. A generation of designers and marketing consultants. Grown between records and Spotify. Between A-Team and Netflix. Between poetry album and Instagram and shaped in the big advertising agencies of this world. We are photographers, editors, creators, consultants, designers, innovators, who follow one another: we think globally and do the best for our customers.

In the heart of Essen

“Rüttenscheid, good time” – this sentence hangs in large letters above the Rüttenscheider Straße, affectionately called “Rü”, which can be reached on foot. What sounds a bit strange at first, is pretty good at the core. If you are looking for culinary variety during your lunch break, you won’t be disappointed here. We feast on delicious organic baked goods, burgers, fallafel or sandwiches – and these are just a few of your options. There is also a shopping opportunity in between or shortly after work. No matter if you want to go to the organic market or to the discounter.

Your tools

The latest Mac from Apple is waiting for you, which will become your most important tool. Depending on the task, you will find the right software, such as the current Adobe Creative Cloud. Time for a short brainstorming session? Grab one of our self-designed notebooks and let your mind play.

Education welcome

If you want to be good, you have to get better. With us, there are opportunities for further education. Starting with our small private library of beautiful design books and smart marketing bibles, we look forward to it if you want to develop. And if you have any ideas: let’s talk about everything that makes us better, together.

The breakfast

Once a month, we celebrate an agency breakfast. A breakfast which served to makes any luxury-hotel jealous. The agency breakfast is an established tradition. Together around the big table, there is an opportunity for fun and gossip as well as for an extensive strengthening. “Too much to do” doesn’t count.

Have it your way

Thirsty? No problem. Take cocoa or coffee in all variations and as much as you can drink. Or rather an iced water? Whether loud, quiet or with lemon juice – grab it!

Stay fit with our personal coaches

Doing sports together motivates and connects. For this reason, there is a joint sports event with one of our coaches once a month for those who feel like it. Conquering in the team against one’s weaker self-clears the head. Individual workouts for “desk acrobats”, as our trainers affectionately call us, strengthen the entire body and make you feel good.