Brand communication

Our work includes corporate design and identity, packaging design, websites and marketing strategies as well as classic communication, advertising, and influencer marketing. An understanding of target groups, coherent concepts, a passion for good design, and personal dedication form the basis for our creative activities.

Packaging design

From the idea to the finished in-store product. Our team, composed of media experts, designers, and copywriters, has over 20 years’ experience in designing and producing packaging for national and international markets. We manage and coordinate photo shoots for packaging whatever the subject matter – be it products, people or animals.

Technical documentation

We compile instructions for a wide range of technical products. We specialize in drafting operating and assembly instructions for consumer goods in accordance with norms and directives applicable in international markets, including the US. Our team can design, write, proofread, translate and produce your instructions.

Strategy, design & advertising

Our team of internationally experienced consultants, concept developers and designers creates ideas and designs for brands, products, and services. Our own services include classic and digital advertising, influencer marketing, brand consulting, activation, and sales promotion campaigns, corporate identity and design and the production of brochures. In addition to our commercial work, we assist institutions such as the DHBW University in Heilbronn and the Düsseldorf Art Academy with mobilization activities and design projects.

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Food & non-food packaging for retail brands

Our work in this field all started with the creation of packaging for private labels in the non-food sector. Today, we design packaging that is sold in over 20 countries – including the North American market.

In addition to technical product packaging, which works regionally, nationally and globally, we design and produce packaging for the food and leisure segment.


Operating and assembly instructions in compliance with directives for consumer goods

We started out more than 20 years ago by writing instructions in German. Today, we produce instructions for consumer goods in up to 25 languages. We are also familiar with the peculiarities of the North American market.

The services offered by our editorial team include revision and optimization as well as the drafting of new texts – from the product testing stage right up to translation and visualization. Our translation memory system guarantees efficiency and cost savings.

We provide advice on the directives and norms that have to be complied with in order to minimize liability risks; on request, we can also draw up editorial guidelines documenting the standards to which your instructions have been compiled.